Commissioned Original Paintings

Planners International Events will accept commissions for any motoring art subject painted by Juan Carlos Ferrigno, Craig Warwick and also a selected number of invited artists.

The fee for a painting is governed most significantly by the composition and time it will take the artist to research, prepare and paint the picture.

To help understand a little about commissioning an original painting we have listed below a collection of frequently asked questions.

Commissioned Paintings, Commissions - Motor Racing Art
Commissioned Paintings, Commissions - Motor Racing Art

Pencil sketch and finished commissioned painting.

Commissioned Paintings, Commissions - Motor Racing Art
Pencil sketch

Q. How do I go about commissioning a painting?
A. It helps if you first of all know the subject matter for your commission.

Q. How do I know what the finished painting will look like?
A. When we receive a commission the artist will, on receiving a short brief, prepare two pencil sketches for you to choose from.

Q. Do you need reference material?
A. If the commission is based on an event that is covered by both the major motoring magazines and/or television then normally reference is not required, as the artist will normally use his own reference books and videos to find the most artistic view for the painting. However if the commission is to feature a private car or members of one's family then we require as much reference as possible.

Q. How long will it take?
A. This depends on the schedule of the artist selected. If can be anything from a three to a twelve month period – a definite time schedule will be given with your initial enquiry.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. The price is dependent on the size of the original and the composition. We will give you a guide with your initial enquiry. We initially require a 25% deposit, at which time the artist will then prepare the pencil sketches, with the balance due on completion.

Q. Will the original be framed?
A. Normally the price does not include the frame but we always like to offer a suitable frame for you to choose if you wish.

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